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Regional Pathology Services Directory

Client Services:  402-559-6420 / 800-334-0459
Fax : 402-559-9497
  Billings Services:  402-559-9480 / 877-560-0009
Fax:  402-559-8359

Account Management:

Brian Lenz, MT(ASCP)


Dana El-Hajjar, MBA, BS


Amanda Stocks


Kirk Hansen
Telephone: 402-559-7926
Samuel J. Pirruccello, M.D.
Medical Director
Telephone: 402-559-7707
Steven Kuss
Administrative Director
Telephone: 402-559-7208
Andi Hudson
Information Systems Analyst II
Telephone: 402-559-7670
Theresa Faure
Operations Manager
Telephone: 402-559-7671
Jessica Carr, MPH
Assistant Manager, Operations
Telephone: 402-559-9809
Peggy Slagle
Coding & Compliance Manager
Telephone: 402-559-7283
Kate Frazer
Revenue Cycle Manager
Telephone: 402-559-9935
Curt Babbitt, MT (ASCP)
Information Systems Analyst III
Telephone: 402-559-7741

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Regional Pathology Services UNMC Shipping & Receiving Dock
Dept of Pathology & Microbiology Regional Pathology Services MSB 3500
University of Nebraska Medical Center University of Nebraska Medical Center
981180 Nebraska Medical Center 601 Saddle Creek Road
Omaha  NE  68198-1180 Omaha  NE  68106-1180