Testing Updates (Lab Alerts)

5/2/2023 Test Code Changes May 2023
4/21/20 Serum Viscosity New Test Code
4/13/23 Test Code Change for BCR;;ABL1 Qualitative Molecular Test
4/6/23 Syphilis Testing
3/30/23 H. Pylori Breath Test, Test Code and Collection Kit Changes
2/24/23 2023 CPT Code Updates
2/15/23 LEAD test code changes
2/14/23 Test Updates -February/March
2/1/2023 New Test Highlight:  Her2/neu Gene Amplification by FISH
12/9/22 ESwab Replacing Red Culturette Swabs for Culture Collection
12/5/2022 Discontinuation of Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Panel (SCID)
11/29/22 CSF Specimens for Flow Cytometry Testing
11/22/22 Respiratory Viral Pathogens Testing
11/15/22 Discontinuation of In-House CD4:CD8 Ratio on BAL Specimens
11/15/22 LYME (Borrelia burgdorferi) Test Code Change
11/9/22 UHC Designated Diagnostic Provider
10/27/2022 Billing for Genetic and Molecular Tests
10/21/22 HIV Antigen/Antibody Panel Test - Temporary Sendout
10/21/22 Blood Bank Specimen Labeling Requirement
10/24/22 High-Sensitivity Troponin I Reporting Update
10/13/22 Herpesvirus Testing Update
9/16/22 COV19 Antibody Update
9/16/22 New Test:  High Sensitivity Troponin I
9/16/22 hs Troponin I Interpretation and Patient Management Algorithms
8/16/22 New Test:  High Sensitivity Troponin I
8/3/22 Monkeypox Testing
7/22/22 eGFR Implentation of CKD-EPI 2021
7/15/22 Tube Shortages
7/15/22 Test Updates
6/17/22 Microsoft Internet Explorer - End of Service
5/25/2022 Genetic Testing Updates Spring 2022
4/21/22 CMV IgM Test Reagent Recall
4/20/22 System Downtime - Saturday April 23, 2022
4/4/22 RPS Pathway MeadCo ScriptX Version Update
3/14/22 Ammonia Test Changes - Effective Immediately
2/23/22 Molecular Assays-Updates/Discontinued/New
1/27/22 Urine Culture Collection - Best Practices
1/25/22 Respiratory Pathogen Panel Temporarily Unavailable
1/24/22 2022 CPT Code Changes
1/7/22 Ova & Parasite Non-Foreign Travel Test Update
12/30/21 Serum Metals Stability and Storage 
12/2/21 UHC Designated Diagnostic Provider
11/2/21 Sendout Test Changes
11/1/21 Supply Shortages
10/4/21 Blood Culture Contamination
9/23/21 Fecal Calprotectin - Performing In-House
9/22/21 Ova & Parasite and West Nile Testing Updates
9/15/21 Interface Allergen Test Code Changes
9/2/2021 Test Updates
8/11/21 Blood Culture Organism Identification Updates
8/6/21 Sendout Test Changes
7/27/21 Lupus Anticoagulant Panel Reference Range Changes
7/21/21 BK Virus and Varicella test updates
6/30/21 Culture Collection Supply Change to E-Swab
6/8/21 Light Blue Citrate Tubes and SurepathTM Vials National Shortage
6/8/21 COVID-19 Testing and Collection Locations
6/8/21 Updated Run Schedules for MMA, Vitamins A, E & D
5/5/21 Sendout Test Changes
4/19/20 Gastrointestinal Pathogen Panel Changes
4/1/21 Test Update:  6 Month to Adult Hemoglobin Electrophoresis
3/29/91 ChloraPrep Recall
3/29/21 United Healthcare Claims
3/24/21 Toxic Alcohol and Ethylene Glycol Testing Changes
2/26/21 6 Month to Adult Hemoglobin Electrophoresis
2/25/21 Newborn Hemoglobin Electrophoresis Changes
2/22/21 Recalibration of Immunosuppressant Drug Assays
1/21/21 2021 CPT Code Updates
1/21/21 Stool Culture Test Updates
11/16/20 New FLU/RSV Combo Test
11/5/20 Possible Coverage Changes for COVID testing
10/6/20 Cytogenetics Testing Update
9/30/20 Resuming Normal Operations
9/28/20 Networks Being Restored
9/24/20 Network Issue Update
9/23/20 Network Issue Update
9/22/20 Network Issues and Downtime
9/15/20 PNH Removal from Hypercoaguable/Thrombophilia Panel
8/19/20 Sendout Test Changes Part 2
8/2/20 Sendout Test Changes
7/31/20 POSTPONED CARES ACT Section 18115
7/23/20 Test Updates to comply with CARES ACT Section 18115
7/24/20 2nd Corrected: Respiratory Pathogen Panel to now include COVID-19 and Bordetella parapertussis
7/23/20 Respiratory Pathogen Panel to now include COVID-19 and Bordetella parapertussis
7/16/20  COVID-19 Testing Delay
7/7/20  Fecal Occult Blood Test New Methodology
5/15/20 Expanding Capacity for COV19 PCR testing
5/15/20 COV19 IgG Ab Testing now offered In-House
5/12/20 CH50 Test/Reference Range updates
5/7/20 CPT Code Update for High-Throughput COVID Testing
  4/30/20 Calling of COV19 Results
4/23/20 Antibody Testing for COVID-19
4/16/20  COVID-19 Testing at Nebraska Medicine
4/2/20  COVID-19 New CPT Code
3/27/20 COVID-19 In-House Testing Now Available
3/17/20 MAYO COVID-19 Testing
3/13/20 ARUP COVID-19 Testing
3/6/20 Collecting and Handling Suspected COVD-19 Specimens
2/28/20 Method and Code Changes for Protein Electrophoresis
2/28/20  Test Code and AOE Updates
2/25/20 CMS Laboratory Date of Service Policy
2/19/20 D-Dimer Test update for Oakview & Bellevue Medical Center Labs
2/14/20 GIP Billing Brief
1/29/20  Mandatory Disease Reporting to the State
1/23/20 Discontinuation of DOA at Oakview Laboratory
1/15/20 New Vitamin D Total Screening Assay
12/30/19 New Bioharzard Bags
12/30/19 Replacement Test for Enterovirus Specific CSF Molecular Assay
12/12/19  2020 CPT Code Changes
11/21/19 Herpes Virus Panels Changes
10/22/19 AFB Culture Incubation Time
9/20/19 Rheumatoid Factor Reference Range/Specimen type change
6/18/19 Bordetella Pertussis DNA Detection test code/requirements change
6/18/19 Pass-Through Billing
5/28/19 HIV Panel In-House Testing Resumed
5/20/19  HIVPN HIV Antigen/Antibody Panel Delay
5/10/19  Hypercoaguable Panel Test Changes
5/10/19 In-Network Insurance Coverage for Laboratory Services
4/30/19 LEAD Reference Range Changes
3/8/19 Viral Testing Methodology/Sample Requirements Updates
3/5/19 CBC Manual Differential Discontinuation
2/11/19 MTHFR Discontinuation
2/11/19 HIV Consent form change for Nebraska
12/3/18 TSH Reference Interval Update (Infants/Children/Adolescents)
11/16/18 Lupus Panel additional component
10/16/18 CEBPA, KIT and TP53 Tests Updates
8/20/18 Molecular Virology Primary Tube Changes
6/12/18 Quantiferon TB-Gold Collection Changes
2/28/18 Coagulation Testing Changes
2/26/18 RPS & NPHL Supply Portal Update/Changes effective 2/27/18
1/12/18 2018 Laboratory CPT Code Updates
1/9/18 Insulin-Like Growth Factor Test Code Change
12/5/17 Virology Cultures Update
12/4/17 New QUAD Screen and AFP order codes
11/30/17 Wet Prep Reporting Format Change
11/7/17 QUAD Screens and Maternal Serum Alpha Fetoprotien Testing
10/24/17 Vancomycin Trough Critical Call Value Change
10/5/17 UHC Authorization for Outpatient Genetic/Molecular Lab Testing
08/28/17 Clostridium difficile DNA Confirmatory Testing TAT Delay
08/16/17 UTSH Reference range changes
8/14/17 Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia Ab Changes
8/4/17 BCR/ABL Quantaitation p210 Order code/specimen requirement changes
6/22/17 (CSF) by Flow Cytometry recommendations
5/23/17 Lead Testing Update
4/17/17 Hepatitis C Reflex Testing
3/10/17 Immunoglobulin E (IgE) Reference Interval Update
2/8/17 Test Code Updates
1/11/17 2017 CPT Code Updates
12/15/16 Testosterone Panel - Updated

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