Molecular Diagnostics

We offer molecular oncology testing for solid tumors and hematologic malignancies. We provide a full range of pathology services that encompasses a wide range of specialities including hematopathology, oncology, infections disease, inherited conditions, pharmacogenetics, disease associations, histocompatibility and forensic testing. 
Personalized Medicine

The Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory offers personalized medicine through next generation sequencing assays.  These assays use a patients DNA to help make a diagnosis, guide treatment, direct therapies or make a prognosis.  We have two new assays available to assess solid tumors:

  • Solid Tumor Precision Panel [STPP]
    • The Solid Tumor Precision Panel is for assessment of molecular genetic biomarker targets for FDA-approved therapies in solid tumors.   This gene panel will assess 49 genes (see below) for somatically-derived, selected hotspot mutations including single nucleotide variants [SNVs], small insertions or deletions [indels], copy number variations [CNV] and structural variants [inter-genetic and intra-genetic fusions].
  • Tumor Mutational Burden (TMB) Assay [TMBO]
    • The Tumor Mutation Load (TML) Assay is a targeted next-generation sequencing assay that is designed for providing an accurate assessment of TMB (mutations/Mb). Studies have shown that tumors that have a high tumor mutation burden/load (TML or TMB) potentially have a better response to immunotherapy. ?

Every patient's cancer is unique...
                                So is our approach to diagnosis