We have put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about Regional Pathology Services.

If you have a question that you can't find the answer to, please use the contact us page.

Do you have an after-hours pager?

Yes-Pager # 402-888-2086. 


What address do I ship samples too?

Our Shipping Address is:
UNMC Shipping & Receiving Dock
Regional Pathology Services UT3314
University of Nebraska Medical Center
601 Saddle Creek Road
Omaha  NE  68198-1180


How do I order Lab Supplies?

Lab supplies can be ordered by visiting www.reglab.org and clicking on Order Lab Supplies button.  If you need assistance please call client services at 402-559-6420 or 800-334-0459.


What happens when I am having problems getting results through my interface with RPS?

Our interface support team can be contacted by sending an email to:  RPSInterfaceSupport@unmc.edu


How do I pay my bill?

Client and patient payments can be made here.


By contacting our billing support team:

Phone: 402-559-9480 | 877-560-0009
Fax:  402-559-8359

Email:  rpsbillingsupport@unmc.edu


How do I find specimen collection requirements?

All test requirements can be found in our test directory:  https://www.testmenu.com/nebraska


Where can I send my patient to have a specimen drawn?

We have six patient draw sites in Omaha, Bellevue and Lincoln:

Click here to find a draw site


How do I setup a new account with Regional Pathology Services?

Contact client services at 402-559-6420 or email rpssupport@unmc.edu


How do I request patient results?

It is best for patients to reach out to their provider directly to obtain test results.  Providers are able to answer any questions they might have.  If you would like a personal copy of results please follow the directions on this form:  Request Patient Results


How do I find your certification and accreditations?

Can be found on our website under client services, certifications and accreditations


How do I schedule a courier pick up?

Contact client services at 402-559-6420 | 800-334-0459


Who do I contact if I have a billing question?

By contacting our billing support team:

Phone: 402-559-9480 | 877-560-0009
Fax:  402-559-8359

Email:  rpsbillingsupport@unmc.edu


Can I pay my invoice with a credit card?

Yes-We accept credit card and check for patient and client invoices


Do you accept ACH payments for client invoices?

We cannot accept ACH payments at this time


How do I find my Nebraska Public Health Laboratory (NPHL) test results?

If don’t find your results in NUlirt then contact client services 402-559-2440


Do I need an account in order to send specimens to Regional Pathology Services?

Yes-contact an account manager at rpssupport@unmc.edu to have an account created


Do you accept international consults? 

Yes-  Contact one of our account managers by emailing rpssupport@unmc.edu